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Buying or selling a property always involves dealing with the council

At Council Solutions we handle these headaches for you no matter how big or small

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Council Solutions

Dealing with one’s local municipality can be a daunting task for homeowners and those buying or selling property. Council Solutions has 18-year’s experience of assisting homeowners, sellers and purchasers with the opening and closing of municipal accounts after transfer.

Council Solutions is a private consultancy firm that assists the public with council errors and long-outstanding queries. Our experienced council consultants will handle these issues on your behalf and help to prevent problems before they occur. Council Solutions can assist with:

Opening of new accounts / new deposits, refund investigations, refunds, Account investigations, meter readings / corrections, reconnections, payment plans, prepaid meters, rebates / correction of the zoning, new consolidations, assessment rates and so much more…

Why Use Us

  • You’re experiencing problems with your municipal account

  • You’re being billed for incorrect charges

  • You’re not receiving your monthly account

  • You’re tired of endless trips to the council to no avail

  • Tired of dealing with less than helpful staff

  • We have over 18 years experience at councils

  • Our dedicated consultants are passionate about what they do

Council Solutions Is More Than A Consultancy, We thrive on challenges.

No matter how big or small, we’re passionate about every job we take on and strive for customer satisfaction every time.

Phenomenal Service from dedicated Council Consultants

We know what it’s like to need help when dealing with the council. With over 18 years of in-depth experience and hands on assistance, it’s no wonder that some of our best reviews are about our amazing service.

I had been battling to resolve my rates issue with the City of Johannesburg for two years. My house had been sold and I needed to get my clearance certificate for the transfer. My transferring attorney referred me to Council Solutions who managed to find the problem, solve it and collect my clearance certificate. Transfer went through two months later

Very happy

Tracy Sullivan

I have had many issues with the city of Johannesburg since I bought my house in 2013. I have used the help of Council Solutions on more than four occasions and every time they deliver what they promise. Will recommend their services to anyone

Claire Terblanche

I received a bill for R56000.00 for one month electricity. !!! I have 3 small children and cannot afford to be without electricity. After taking hours off work to stand in queues for over 4months I managed to resolved nothing with the City of Johannesburg. I contacted Council Solutions and they managed to sort out my account within 3 weeks. I could not have sorted this out without their help thank you.

Brenden Logan